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Why China

Why China?

– As the world’s fastest-growing economy, with growth rates averaging 10% over 30 years, China has already become the World’s Leading Scientific and Technological Superpower, marching on its way to become the 1st economy in the world and called to lead the 3rd. Industrial Revolution.


– The magnitude and growth of the Chinese economy has immense global implications: Only 20 years ago, no one in the world could have even imagined that China would so rapidly transform from “the World’s Factory” to the second largest economy in the world, expected to sooner than later surpass the US economy.


– Since 1978, China has lifted more than 500 million people out of poverty, to the current widest unprecedented surge of China’s Uber-Wealthy fortunes, most of them around or under the age of 40: China is currently home to 878 Billionaires with a combined wealth of $4 trillion, representing one of the greatest economic miracles in the later 20th century.


– China is a major hub for world trade. Given its huge land mass, population, large growing economy, and strategic ports, it lends itself freely to huge International Trade. The top Chinese imports from the world are electronic equipment, oil, machinery, mined raw material, and medical and scientific equipment.


– What drives China’s success? The combination of a young dynamic population with rapid productivity growth, reformed open policies and market mechanisms, modern State-of-The-Art technology, and their amazing ability and will to observe and learn, while integrating management from the West.


– Obviously, learning from the West has been an essential contributor to China’s economic growth. China has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to that of high quality development, and its expansion will continue to be based and fueled by constant and increasingly strengthen ties and inter-relations with other economies at a Global level.


– Europe is increasingly oriented towards Asia, and China is increasingly attracted to Europe. The New Silk Road will open new channels, paths of collaboration, business opportunities and strategic alliances between European and Chinese companies.


– In 2023, China is once again opening its doors to the rest of the world, and with more drive and dynamism than ever, after two years of difficult restrictions and a severe restructuring of measures that, despite having been extremely harsh, were absolutely necessary in order to provide the soundest foundation and pave the way towards what will very soon become the most productive and beneficial period for Europe & China commercial relations, which in the next decade will reach an unprecedentedly positive dimension.

The Best is Yet to Come