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Olive Oils From Spain, The Treasure & The Trend

Unstoppable China

In the first half of 2022, exports of Spain’s Olive Oils to the asian giant have grown by 46% in value, reaching 76 million euros.

To enhance the ascension of Spanish Olive Oil as China’s Most Precious Object of Desire, outstandingly brilliant Spanish fashion photographer, film producer and director Eugenio Recuenco has created a delightful theme that exudes refinement and sophistication, specifically designed to further penetrate China’s rapidly growing and highly demanding Gourmet Luxury market.

A precious, enriching and highly successful exploration to further enhance the intangible unity and magical fusion between Spanish Gastronomy & Fashion with Chinese Culture & Tradition.

A perfect frame in which all the elements coexist in harmonic coherence, a wonderful set of scenes to showcase a product of extraordinary quality where the divine properties of exquisite taste, sustainability, well-being and health dance together like the finest perfume on air.

Spain's Liquid Gold Elixir

Spain, World’s Leading Olive Oil Producer

Nearly 50% of olive oils in the world are produced in Spain.
Therefore, one in two bottles in the world contains Spanish olive oils.

Spain has 25% of the entire olive growing area in the world, with more than 200 endemic varieties.

To increase international recognition of the Spanish Olive Oil designation of origin, the Interprofessional of Spanish Olive Oils works continuously to promote the liquid gold of Mediterranean gastronomy at international level and invests constantly and incessantly on strategic programs in the field of R&D.

The Interprofessional Association of Spanish Olive Oils is made up of representatives of the various stakeholders in the olive oil sector, including olive growers, cooperatives, industrialists, packaging companies and exporters.

Since 2008, there have been about 300 promotional campaigns in twenty countries on four continents, which have contributed very positively to the spectacular increase of Spanish exports at global level and to improve the knowledge and image that international consumers have of Spain’s Excellent Olive Oils.

Spain's Liquid Gold Elixir

Asia & Europe, China & Spain

The Best Is Yet To Come

China has already become the second main strategic destination for Spanish agri-food exports outside the European Union, after the UK only.

The Asian giant has enormous growth potential still ahead for Spanish food & beverage companies and products, with Olive Oil being one of the most promising and prominent of all.

In 2023, China will once again wide open its doors to the rest of the world, and it will do so with more drive and dynamism than ever, after two years of extremely difficult restrictions and a severe restructuring of measures that, despite having been harsh, were indeed necessary in order to set the soundest foundations on its way to become the world’s first economic and technological powerhouse.

The magnificent relations between Spain and China go back to the contacts made through the ancient maritime Silk Route in the 16th. Century. Since then, the diplomatic, economic and commercial ties between both countries have gained increasing dynamism, as it is reflected in a comprehensive strategic association that will celebrate its 50th. Anniversary in 2023.

In the upcoming splendorous China’s Renaissance, Europe is to play a role of a highly beneficial and strategic partner, and in the next decade EU & China commercial relations will reach an unprecedented productive dimension.

Interprofessional Spanish Olive Oil campaign China 2023<br />

Deliciously Sustained Growth of Spain’s Olive Oil

Sales & Exports to China

Sales of olive oils from Spain in the 2021-2022 campaign in China grew by 10,25% in volume, reaching 45,840 tons, while in value they shot up 48.08%, to close to 177 million euros , according to Chinese customs data corresponding to imports in the first nine months of 2022, analyzed by the Interprofessional of Spanish Olive Oils.

The President of the Interprofessional, Pedro Barato, has welcomed the data recorded in the Asian country. «In the last campaign we exported almost 46,000 tons of olive oil to the Asian giant, 10.25% more than the previous campaign. To give us a precise idea of ​​what that figure means, our closest competitor exported 2,830 tons, 16 times less», he explained.

Specifically, this advance in sales has allowed China to position itself this year as the second largest purchaser of Spanish oil outside of Europe.

In addition, the Chinese rise to fifth place among the best clients in the world for Spanish Olive Oil, surpassing Japan and the United Kingdom, which traditionally competed for that position until last year.

Pedro Barato stressed that these results are the result of the work that Spanish companies have been doing in that market, since 2009 with the support of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional.

During the celebration of the 2023 Chinese New Year, a new spectacular campaign was launched under the meaningful slogan: ‘Olive Oils from Spain:The New Fashion’ with outstanding images 
on the facades of some of the most emblematic skyscrapers in Beijing (Wangfujing and Lafayette) and Shanghai (Global Harbour, White Magnolia Plaza and the Metro City), and with the projection of the spot on Shanghai’s iconic Global Harbour Towers.

Interprofessional Spanish Olive Oil NG China 2023