NastaONE was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 2003

Today, we have also representative branches in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca and we work closely with our Partners in Beijing and Moscow, producing outstanding Special Reports about the best Tourism & Investment destinations in the EU-Mediterranean Region, for National Geographic Magazine China and Discovery Russia Magazine.

The world has changed a lot since we started, and so have we.              

Constantly fluctuating, surfing the waves of change

Permanently updating and upgrading ourselves

Always adapting, some times anticipating

To keep navigating victoriously the vertiginous changes of our always changing wonderful world.

We work From Passion and With Passion, to expose Your Vision and Your Mission to two of the most important tourism and economic markets in the world: China and Russia.

If they put an eye on you, there we will be,

Sharing your views and statements with them, in order to further increase the influx of Chinese & Russian Quality Tourism and High-Value Investments into your precious territory

Wishing to meet you soon,

With Highest Respect and Warmest Regards from our Beloved Mediterranean

Patricia Pal