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Cristina Forner, President of Marqués de Cáceres

M A R Q U É S   D E   C Á C E R E S

 S U B L I M E    E X C E L L E N C E


When traveling the world, there is almost no destination on this planet where you can not find a bottle of Marqués de Cáceres. At least you will, for sure, in 130 countries all over the globe.

 With over 50 years of fascinating history forged out of Passion, Purpose and Success, Marqués de Cáceres is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious and influential Spanish D.O.Ca Rioja brands at international level, and as one the most powerful Wine brands in Spain.

Since its foundation by Enrique Forner in 1970, Marqués de Cáceres has experienced great international expansion, becoming a Global Leading Brand highly valued and recognized equally by the most demanding wine lovers and the most prestigious international and specialized press, having been chosen five times as the favorite brand among Spanish wines by the renown American magazine Wine & Spirits, and as the most requested Spanish wine brand among the most distinguished restaurants in the US.

This reputation of excellence and worldwide recognition and success does not happen overnight: five generations of the family business forge the essence, the soul and the unique character of Marqués de Cáceres, which helps the entire team to continue with their undeterred commitment to supreme quality, their tireless effort and their constant desire to keep offering the best wines year after year, decade after decade.

Marqués de Cáceres represents, on its own, over 10% of all the Rioja wine exports in the world. The brand exports approximately 50% of their production to 130 countries, being some of their main destinations the US, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, France, China, Morocco, Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia, among many others.

Through its unshakable commitment to Excellence and from the humility of knowing that their international recognition is fairly earned and well deserved for their sincere effort and tenacity of a job well done for over half a century, Marqués de Cáceres has become one of the leading prestige ambassadors for Spanish wines in the world.

Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Vineyards in Autumn

A S I A   &  C H I N A   


M A R Q U É S   D E   C Á C E R E S

The prestige of Marqués de Cáceres is based on the commitment to the quality of the wines it produces, and due to a constant search for excellence, since its founder, Enrique Forner, revolutionized the production techniques with a new style of fruitier and more structured wines, as well as lively and fresh white and rosé wines.

Fruit of their extensive winemaking experience in the Bordeaux Châteaux that they acquired and strengthened in 1963, all this experience and know-how materialized in La Rioja when they founded the Marqués de Cáceres Winery in 1970 in the town of Cenicero, located in La Rioja. 

Since then, Marqués de Cáceres goal has been to achieve the maximum expression of the terroir to create unique wines of great elegance and extraordinary quality, perfect to enjoy and share.

Its high proportion of old vines, 100% manually harvested, along with vinifications adapted to each plot selection according to the exposure, altitude, and soil of the vineyard, Marqués de Cáceres manages to express in each wine a great wealth of nuances and the full identity of its origin.

Following the pioneering character of the company since its origin, the winery’s team of young winemakers continually carries out innovation projects, experimenting with different varieties and preparations; with the aim to constantly increase the originality and diversity of its wines.

Thanks to the effort, dedication and know-how of the Forner Family, Marqués de Cáceres has established itself as one of the most renowned wineries on the international scene, achieving numerous awards and recognitions across all continents.

Today, Marqués de Cáceres is present in six appellations / DO’s of origin and have their own vineyards with controlled yields in the very prestigious Rioja Alta, Rueda and Ribera del Duero. In this last denomination, they market the wines under the brand Finca La Capilla, a boutique winery with high-value vineyards that the family acquired in 2019.

In recent years, Marqués de Cáceres has been recognized as the most influential brand of the Rioja Qualified Denomination and one of the most admired wine brands in the world, keeping its innovative spirit alive by encompassing projects in the field of sustainability, viticulture, digitalization, internationalization, and wine tourism.

Most powerful brand of the Rioja DOCa – Wine Intelligence. 2021

The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands – Drinks International 2022

Gaudium 2018 Wine – Best Red Wine category of the Spanish Food Awards 2023

Tim Atkin’s 94 points for the Gran Reserva 2015

Tim Atkin’s 93 points for the Generación MC 2020 

Explore All The Awards:

Furthermore, it is worth noting that in August 2023, the Marqués de Cáceres wine Gaudium 2018  was awarded in the Best Red Wine category of the Spanish Food Awards 2023, under the tutelage of the Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Other awards received in 2023 and 2024 refer to Tim Atkin’s 94 and 93 points for the Gran Reserva 2015 and the Generación MC 2020 respectively, among others.

In its continuous expansion expansion in international markets, Marqués de Cáceres considers Asia & China as top priority markets. It has set itself the objective of consolidating its presence in the Asian markets, and to do so it has decided to allocate a greater amount of resources for the promotion and dissemination of its wines and brands across all Asian countries.

Asian & Chinese local consumers highly appreciate Marqués de Cáceres wines and the potential of these markets is so colossal that the company has set itself the medium-term objective of becoming one of the main suppliers of Spanish Rioja wines across the Asian continent.

Currently, on the occasion of the Vinexpo Hong Kong Fair, Germán Rubiales Regordán, Export Area Manager of Marqués de Cáceres, is taking a Tour through Asia, a 20-day trip that began in Singapore and Taiwan and continues in China visiting Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Linyi and Tianjin, to take the pulse of some of the many Asian markets in which Marqués de Cáceres (Chinese website) is present.

If you wish to meet or establish contact with Germán Rubiales Regordán, Export Area Manager of Marqués de Cáceres during his Marqués de Cáceres Asian Tour 2024, please contact:

Germán Rubiales Regordán

Export Sales Manager

WeChat ID: GermandeArcos (Region: La Rioja)

Mobile: +34 690 23 35 35


Hotel Reinassance Beijing Capital<br />
Top Spanish Wines Masterclass<br />
Marqués de Cáceres<br />
Germán Rubiales Regordán<br />
Export Area Manager<br />
Marqués de Cáceres<br />
Top Spanish Wines Masterclass<br />
Hotel Reinassance Beijing Capital<br /><br />
Germán Rubiales Regordán<br />
Export Area Manager<br />
Marqués de Cáceres<br />
Top Spanish Wines Masterclass<br />
Marqués de Cáceres<br />
Hotel Reinassance Beijing Capital<br />
Germán Rubiales Regordán Export Asia Manager Marqués de Cáceres The Ambassadors Sections & National Geographic Magazine China

Germán Rubiales Regordán, Export Area Manager, during the Marqués de Cáceres Asia Tour 2024

Germán Rubiales Regordán Export Asia Manager Marqués de Cáceres The Ambassadors Sections & National Geographic Magazine China
Germán Rubiales Regordán Export Asia Manager Marqués de Cáceres The Ambassadors Sections & National Geographic Magazine China
Germán Rubiales Regordán Export Asia Manager Marqués de Cáceres The Ambassadors Sections & National Geographic Magazine China

T H E   L O C A T I O N   &  

T H E   W I N E S

The privileged location in which Marqués de Cáceres is based in Cenicero, La Rioja, allows the winery to produce red wines with great personality, rich in extracts and with good concentration and color.

The company carries out an extremely careful process selecting the best vineyards in the area, controlling periodically the quality of the grapes, and doing the harvests manually.

Their advanced outstanding facilities and superb technical means allows Marqués de Cáceres to achieve maximum quality, while always respecting their sound family values, know-how, expertise and long tradition.

Marqués de Cáceres has permanent stocks of over 38 million liters of wine, a stock of more than 40,000 French and American oak barrels, and bottle racks that house around 10 million bottles.

Marqués de Cáceres also produces a young, fruity and elegant rosé wine and three white wines: dry, semi-sweet and barrel-fermented.

Gaudium Barrel Room Marqués de Cáceres
Marqués de Cáceres Crystal Room, Private Winery
Enrique Forner Treasures Crystal Room
Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Vineyards

E N R I Q U E    F O R N E R

T H E   F O U N D E R

The unwavering commitment to excellence and supreme quality standards were established by Enrique Forner, the founder of the winery, back in 1970.

Born in Valencia, Spain, in 1925, Enrique Forner spent his formative years in France, where the Forner family exiled in 1936 due to the Spanish Civil War.

In Bordeaux, France, the Forner family bought two properties in order to continue with their wine business, two castles actually, the Château de Camensac Grand Cru Classé and the Château Larose-Trintaudon.

When Elysée and Enrique Forner (then known as Henri) bought the vineyard in 1964, the plots from which the Château de Camensac originally made its wine had practically been abandoned, so they immersed themselves completely in the mission to restore the property to its former glorious splendor, and gave expression to a great terroir.

The Château de Camensac, located in the commune of St Laurent Médoc was described as the “path that leads to water” on the Belleyme map of 1767. It was a model history property steeped in ancient and contemporary timelines.

While in Bordeaux, Henri Forner studied at the university with the legendary French oenologist Émile Peynaud, where they became great friends: it was Peynaud who advised Henri when, in 1964, he decided to return to Spain to start a winery.  About Émile Peynaud, Mike Steinberger wrote:

«Peynaud spent most of his professional life showing other people the error of their ways, and oddly enough, they loved him for it. This can be attributed mainly to two reasons: one was his disposition, as he was, indeed and by every account, a mensch. The other, because the reverence he commanded was mainly a function of his infallibility: On the subject of wine, pretty much everything Peynaud said was right.»

And so, Forner and Peynaud selected Cenicero, in Rioja Alta, as an ideal location, and with the experience and know-how acquired in Bordeaux, Enrique Forner established himself at the very heart of La Rioja region, built his beautiful new Winery and finished it on time for the 1970 vintage, founding his dream, Marqués de Cáceres, determined to achieve the maximum excellence in the production of Rioja Wines.

Enrique Forner, Founder of Marqués de Cáceres
Marqués de Cáceres headquarters in Cenicero, La Rioja
Marqués de Cáceres Wineries Barrel Room

  T H E   M A R Q U I S A T E

The Marquisate was granted for services provided to the Spanish Crown.

The name of the winery, Marqués de Cáceres, was given by an old friend of the family,

Mr. Vicente Noguera Espinosa de los Monteros,

MThe Marquisate has its origins in the XVIII Century and was granted by the King of Spain to the Captain of the Royal Spanish Navy, Don Juan Ambrosio García de Cáceres Montemayor,  in gratitude for his outstanding services to the Crown in the war of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

The current Marqués de Cáceres, Mr. Juan Noguera, is still attached to the Winery.

D. Juan Noguera, Marqués de Cáceres
Marqués de Cáceres, The Marquisate

The innovation worked, as Marques de Cáceres spectacular success

in both export and domestic markets show

Such practices, along with stainless steel fermentation, are nowadays the regular norm in Rioja. As a natural leader with great vision, many bodegas followed the Marqués de Cáceres formula, and «Less oak, more fruit, more elegance» soon became the new modern style of Rioja.

The Bordeaux Connection, albeit Bordeaux at its most international, continued with Michel Rolland acting as consultant to the winery.

Berry Brothers said, on Marqués de Cáceres wines:

‘Both the reds and whites are very judiciously oaked with the emphasis being on fresh, fruit-dominated wines that are delicious in youth. The exceptions are the Reserva and the Gran Reserva, which are more traditionally made and can be cellared for up to 10 years following the vintage».

Marques de Cáceres, five generations committed to Wine Excellence
Cristina Forner, President Marqués de Cáceres

C R I S T I N A    F O R N E R





Enrique Forner had three children: Cristina, Henri and Genivieve.

Cristina Forner, the third generation of this illustrious family of Wine Makers, is the President of the company since her father granted her the keys of the empire in 2007.

 She lovingly has described herself as ‘My Father’s Daughter’, and pays great tribute to his work as like

‘Haute Couture with a Controlled Exuberance’

With her majestic bearing and her always delightful treatment, Cristina continues with pride her father’s legacy with equal commitment to absolute excellence and quality, and she has been key in the successful continuity of the long trajectory of internationalization that goes on for over 30 years, as well as in bringing further expansion to Marqués de Cáceres, not only consolidating but also growing her father outstanding legacy by currently producing not only Rioja wines but also D.O. Rueda wines.

«Since the Bodega was founded in 1970, our aim has been to grasp the greatness and excellence from our surrounding area with a firm commitment to enhance the identity of the local terroir. We continually strive to create distinguished ranges of wines of renewed formats and singular cuvées that encompass the multiple soils of the small parcels of land. A signature of exuberance and quality», Cristina explains.


«Our oenologists make each and every wine with craftsmanship and professionalism to achieve rich fruit and perfectly balanced wines that develop even further following some time in oak barrels, mostly French, and prolonged ageing in bottle. The resulting wines are elegant, with superb character. The white and rosé wines too are fine examples of freshness and vivacity», she adds.


It was precisely in 2007, the year Cristina took the reins of the company, that the prestigious FMRE Forum of Spanish Renowned Brands identified Marqués de Cáceres as one of most powerful and influential Spanish wine brands in the world.

Cristina Forner, President of Marqués<br />
de Cáceres<br />
Cristina Forner, President of Marqués de Cáceres
Cristina Forner, President & Fernando Costa, Winemaker
Cristina Forner, President, with Fernando Costa, Winemaker




Cultured, elegant, enlightened and refined, Cristina Forner left her glamorous residence in Paris at the beginning of the eighties to settle in Logroño, la Rioja.

«The brand was already among the elite of great Rioja wines and at that time we had been receiving the advice of Michel Rolland for years, we produced around twelve million bottles a year, including a rapidly rotating young rosé and white, a white fermented in barrel called Antea and the traditional Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva ranges», Cristina explains.

In the mid-1990s, when a new style of wine, the so-called «high expression» wine, burst onto the market, Marqués de Cáceres responded by presenting Gaudium ’94, and in 2001 the red MC was born, another radically modern wine.

In November 2007, Cristina Forner was appointed the new President of the company, but only 9 months later the great economic crisis began, and the new President bravely decided not only not to lower the prices, but to further promote their high-end and terroir wines, taking advantage of the fact that they had control of two thousand hectares of vineyards.

Furthermore, Cristina decided to launch a new brand on the market: Excellens, auguring what her new strategy will be: to Diversify and to Expand by going out to other areas outside of Rioja.

As brilliant and courageous

as her father.

When Enrique Forner passed away in 2011, 40,000 barrels were stacked in the huge Marqués de Cáceres facilities, approximately 35 million liters, well above the production of many entire D.O appellations of origin.

«Since my father, Enrique Forner, revolutionized brewing techniques in Rioja with a new style of wine more fruity and with more structure, we have been one of the most well-known wineries nationally and internationally for more than 50 years. This is the result of years of work by expert teams who strive to maintain exceptional quality since 1970 year after year.» – Cristina Forner

In 2020, the giant Marqués de Cáceres celebrated its 50th anniversary since Enrique Forner created the winery without fanfare or big parties, but with a well-defined heartfelt project that Cristina Forner has not only been able to continue but also grow and expand.

As Eric Rothschild, owner of Lafite, said in his famous phrase:

«Consolidating a leading brand worldwide is very easy,

the difficult part is only the first hundred years»

Marqués de Cáceres has Half a Century…and has already achieve it.

The Grapes, The Treasure, The Offering
Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Wines
Marqués de Cáceres Premium Wines
Crianza- Reserva - Rosado
Marqués de Cáceres Award Best Wines 2023

Master of Wine Tim Atkin has just released the ‘Rioja Special Report 2024’ in which Marqués. de Cáceres has been participating in another edition featuring its wines.

Another year, great scores achieved for Marqués de Cáceres wine portfolio, headed by the 95 points awarded to Gaudium 2019, which continues to receive excellent ratings from critics and specialized press around the world.

Tim Atkin Rioja Report 2024

The prestigious wine critic and British Master of Wine Tim Atkin visited Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres facilities to taste Marqués de Cáceres new additions and some of the brand’s historic wines, accompanied by the President Mrs. Cristina Forner.

For the entire team it is always a pleasure to receive year after year professionals like Tim Atkin, who helps spread the passion for the world of wine.

Tim Atkin & Cristina Forner, President of Marqués de Cáceres

Tim Atkin Rioja Report 2023



Tim Atkin, the renowned British Master of Wine, journalist and prescriber,

presented in February his «Rioja 2023 Special Report».

The eighth annual monograph on the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin,

which analyzes the quality and characteristics of the best wines in the world,

has rated 975 Rioja wines above 90 points (11 more than in the previous report).

«There are very few regions in the world that produce world-class wines,

Rioja is one of them, and is making the best reds and whites in its history»

– Tim Atkin

Marqués de Cáceres Tim Atkin Rioja Report 2023
GAUDIUM - Marqués de Cáceres 2018

Gaudium 2018 has won in the Best Red Wine category of the Spanish Food Awards 2023 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Gaudium, 100% Tempranillo, is a limited production wine made from grapes from small vines that are over 70 years old, some of them pre-phylloxera with more than 100 years of history. These vineyards offer yields of less than 1 kg of grapes per plant and are plots that are staggered at various altitudes, ranging between 400 and 650 m in Rioja Alta and on terraces up to 740 m in Rioja Alavesa.


The harvest for this wine is done manually in 15 kg boxes and in small batches according to each vineyard. The grapes are cooled in cold rooms for a few hours and then a meticulous manual selection is carried out bunch by bunch on the selection table.


Its winemaking process is also manual. It is incubated by gravity, without pumping. Its alcoholic fermentation is slow and whole grain in small stainless steel tanks and wooden vats with indigenous yeast. Prolonged maceration, but avoiding over-extractions. Malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.

Marqués de Cáceres GAUDIUM Award Alimentos de España 2023

2018 was a slightly warm year, with temperatures between 1.5 and 2ºC above the historical average


But what affected the vintage the most was the frost that occurred in the early morning of April 28 and greatly affected the sprouted vines, greatly reducing the quantity of the vintage’s harvest.


This adversity, together with lower than average rainfall, made it a vintage with extraordinarily low yields but of very high quality, something that has been recognized in the evaluations and tastings of the wines of this vintage.


Gaudium 2018 has national and international recognitions such as 99 points in the Proensa 2023 guide, 96 rating points from Tim Atkin, 95 from James Suckling and the Grand Gold Medal of the Bacchus International Wine Competition.


This distinction is the latest recognition for this great red wine from Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres which, in its 2018 vintage, has not stopped collecting excellent ratings.


Wear a dense burgundy color with dark reflections.

The nose displays intensity, depth and a range of nuances that open up in the glass.

It leaves sensations of toasted and roasted notes that blend with voluptuous black fruit and the complexity of some spicy nuances.

Powerful in the mouth, it expresses the elegance of friendly tannins, toasted notes and enveloping fruit that provides great harmony.

An Author’s Wine, of great class and whose distinctive elegance earns international recognition of excellence. 

Bacchus de Oro 2024 to Gaudium 2019 Marqués de Cáceres
GRAN RESERVA - Marqués de Cáceres 2019
CRIANZA - Marqués de Cáceres 2019
Marqués de Cáceres XII. Annual Gala Dinner-of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the United Kingdom

  C A V A  

M A R Q U É S  DE  C Á C E R E S

XII Annual Gala Dinner of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the United Kingdom

The Cava Marqués de Cáceres was the wine served during the XII Annual Gala Dinner of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the United Kingdom both for the reception of the guests and for the toasts of honor.

Celebrated on October 4th 2023, the event hosted more than 300 representatives of leading Spanish and British companies in their respective fields, as well as members of British institutions and civil society in the country.

The dinner had as guest of honor on this occasion Mr. José María Álvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefónica.

We are proud of the fantastic reception that our Cava Marqués de Cáceres had among the dinner attendees.

Once again, it has been a pleasure to collaborate in this event that promotes and recognizes the great work of Spanish companies in the United Kingdom.  

Marqués de Cáceres Cava
Marqués de Cáceres Cava
Vineyard La Seca, Marqués de Cáceres
La Capilla - Vendimia Seleccionada - Ribera del Duero
Finca La Capilla Winery, Ribera del Duero
Bodegas y Viñedos Finca La Capilla Barrel
Gran Bacchus de Oro 2024 to La Capilla Vendimia Seleccionada 2020 - Bodegas Finca La Capilla
Gran Bacchus de Oro 2024 to La Capilla Vendimia Seleccionada 2020 - Bodegas Finca La Capilla
Magnums La Capilla - Ribera del Duero
Verdejo D.O. Rueda Marqués de Cáceres Own Vineyards
Marqués de Cáceres Verdejo 2022 has been awarded Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles United Nations of Fine Wines
Satinela - Marqués de Cáceres


Marqués de Cáceres launches its new vintage Satinela with a modern restyling of its label, inspired by the floral and fresh character of its wine. 

It is a smooth semi-sweet white wine, with all the flavour of unctuous fruit that awakens a fine acidity. Its delicate sweetness highlights the fullness of its aromatic nuances. Its name evokes the silky texture of satin: fresh, smooth and silky. Sweet to the skin, enveloping and tremendously appetising.

Satinela is an affable white wine, easy to drink and perfect for those palates that are beginning to enjoy fresh, fruity wines with an exquisite balance between sweetness and acidity.

It is a white wine to be enjoyed on many occasions, far beyond the summer magic.


Find out more:

Satinela - Marqués de Cáceres
Sublime Excelence at work
Rose Summer Bliss
Marqués de Cáceres Rose Party Summer - July 2023

Every Summer, Marqués de Cáceres celebrates their Party Rose Summer, delighting in its last July 2023 edition over 600 attendees from all over the world.

A wonderful way to get together sharing the Marqués de Cáceres Spirit of The Joy of Life and the Bliss of Summer.

With Marqués de Cáceres, it is always La Vie en Rose

MdC La Vie en Rose
Marqués de Cáceres Vines
Marqués de Cáceres Vineyards
MdC Hand picked



The prestige of Marqués de Cáceres is based on the commitment to the quality of the wines it produces and on a constant search for excellence since its founder, Enrique Forner, revolutionized production techniques with a new style of wine that is more fruity and with more structure, as well as lively and fresh white and rosé wines.

Since then, his goal has been to achieve the maximum expression of the terroir to create singular wines of great elegance, perfect to enjoy and share.

Thanks to the effort, dedication and know-how of the Forner Family, Marqués de Cáceres has established itself as one of the most renowned wineries on the international scene, winning numerous awards and recognitions.

Marqués de Cáceres Wines
Best RIOJA Distributor 2023, Marqués de Cáceres importer

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Marqués de Cáceres Awards
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