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Kiku Moreno, Founder & CEO, Manotauro


 K I K U    M O R E N O

Founder & CEO


.T H E   I C O N. 


Manotauro, An Icon, A Concept, A Movement, A Feeling.

Created to Generate Emotions

They say that there are images, events or elements that leave no one indifferent…

And so it has been, is and will be in everything related to Manotauro, this revolutionary Icon that bursts from Mallorca with a passport to the World, making its way as one of the most powerful and groundbreaking pieces of Contemporary Art, creating links, bridges, experiences and synergies between the most irreverent artists on the planet.

Today, at The Ambassadors Sections, we interview Kiku Moreno, Creator, Founder & CEO and also the main Promoter and Director of the steps that Manotauro has begun to take internationally in search of the most talented artists in the world.

Kiku Moreno, Fundador & CEO de Manotauro observando su icónica escultura

Kiku, in your case our first question is clear…
Let’s start with a description, with a definition… What is Manotauro?

Manotauro is an idea, a dream, a concept and a movement that was created from a sculpture, a very special sculpture from which a group of a very close collaborators and I fell in love with, and from which the Manotauro Movement emerged, a community of international scope and dimension that brings together artists who touch all aspects of art, mainly sculpture, painting, photography, NFTS and Metaverse.


It is not easy to define, but we could say that the Manotauro Movement is a work of Artistic Engineering, whose main function is to provide a unique space in which artists from all over the world can connect, collaborate and find mutual support. The Manotauro Community stands as a platform that represents artists and propels them to stardom, effectively promoting and disseminating their work globally.


How did the idea come about? What was the origin of Manotauro?

Manotauro was born with a clear and exciting mission: to unite artists of different stripes under the Manotauro community. It is a unique concept of its kind that represents the perfect fusion between the strength of the bull and the passion of rock.

What was its origin? Well, paradoxically, the origin of Manotauro was born from fear… (laughs), from fear that a sculpture that my father created and that he gave me years ago…would break. It was located in a privileged place in my house and I was afraid that, during some party or event that was usually held at home, someone would get up and accidentally hit it or whatever, throw it and break it.

From that fear, from that urgent need for protection that the sculpture aroused in me, we did a 3D scan and I instantly fell in love with the image. It was a real crush. I immediately made myself a t-shirt and went for a walk in Palma wearing my Manotauro t-shirt. And people asked me: «What is this? But what is this? What is this supposed to be? A dog? But… a hand? What figure is this? What does it represent? What It means? No one was indifferent to it.

Manotauro is the image of a powerful being, with the imposing body of a bull and the head formed by a fist raised in the iconic gesture of the Maloik, a symbol of rock and rebellion. That is Manotauro, an icon that represents the fusion of creativity, strength and passion.

So, curiously, it turns out that from something that was born from fear, from the fear of losing something original, a new concept arose that harbored much more than the sculpture itself: a feeling, an intention, a desire for preservation and protection towards a figure, an icon, an emblem, a symbol that I adored and that meant a lot to me, because originally it had been a gift from my father.

From there we quickly registered the trademark internationally, began to create products and ideas around the concept, and Manotauro began to grow rapidly as a brand and attract new artists and collaborators.


Manotauro The Three


An exciting and fascinating concept, without a doubt. Kiku, and in terms of stages, could we understand that Manotauro is still in an early stage?

Well, it depends on how we look at it, because Manotauro is a constantly growing community. It must also be taken into account that Manotauro is an Icon, a Movement, a Concept… but also a Company that, like Manotauro itself, is supported by four very solid and well-defined «legs» or segments.

The bases of the structure that support all the activities that are going to be developed under the Manotauro Brand are already established, and now we are going to dedicate ourselves to nurturing, reinforcing and developing them.

Of course we are not yet where we want to be, but as we say, the brand is already registered worldwide, we already have the page and the clothing store that allows you to buy Manotauro garments through the web, and where you can also see and explore the Manotauro sculpture interpreted by different artists in different materials, with different finishes and of course in different sizes.

In addition to the individual works of the artists, you will also find exclusive creations depicting the Manotauro on our platforms. These works become symbols of the unity and strength of the Manotauro community and convey a message of empowerment and artistic expression from artists to the world.

This is how we also began to collaborate with different NFTS artists and photographers and currently, Manotauro, which is both a company and an artistic and cultural movement, is based on four main pillars or segments: clothing, NFTS and the Metaverse and photography.

And still we miss the music. Music is a very important part of culture and perfectly compatible with the rest of the artistic manifestations integrated into the sensitive universe of the Manotauro Movement.

Each artistic discipline has its own manifestations, with many different points of interpretation and of course we have a lot of work ahead of us, but that is what we are working very hard with magnificent collaborators, such as Alejandro Macià, with a very important involvement in the project and creating synergies in the Manotauro Universe.


What are the main guidelines in the Manotauro Roadmap?

Actually, we did not plan to start the exhibitions until La Nit de l’Art, on September 24th. Until then, we wanted to save our little treasure to make a big presentation that night, but we found the wonderful opportunity to exhibit Manotauro together with the Swedish painter Kim Berkhuizen and the Exhibition was a complete success.

Manotauro Gallery

Right now there are 5 sculptures, each one in different postures and colors, and each one has a name and its original certificate. One is Hit, another is Elegance, another is Houdini, after the great Houdini and who is split in half, and the other is Voronói, from a Ukrainian engineer who is collaborating with us, from the family of great Ukrainian mathematicians.

These are the Manotauro sculptures that we exhibited in their 5 colors, which represents a very relevant step in order to generate future incorporations of other artists. Manotauro is an international movement, so we are talking about artists who want to join the project in Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico, China…artists from anywhere in the world, all of them will be well received.

At Manotauro, we believe in the power of collaboration and artistic diversity. Our goal is to build a space where artists of all disciplines, of all nationalities and of any age can find a home, where music is intertwined with painting and sculpture and creativity flows without limits.

We are interested in attracting and connecting with artists who are looking for a vibrant and energetic community, for whom Manotauro will offer a place where their works will be appreciated, promoted and supported by a community that understands and values ​​their passion. As the movie «Field of Dreams» said…»Build it, and They Will Come».

The Manotauro Community works with something as effective and necessary as a barter exchange.

For a new artist, for example, the Manotauro Community will help him to publicize his art, and he will help us by interpreting our Manotauros through his art.
It’s about that. It is solely and exclusively barter art.

We will create pages of each artist on our website, in which each artist will make their version of the Manotauro, and thus, any person, client or follower of Manotauro who is interested in the artist, can enter their page and see all the pieces of art that the artist has created, both those that have to do with Manotauro and those that are related to other themes or concepts worked through his art.

It is a door that will open another and another and another… A door that opens doors, a whole universe to discover.

And on each page, all the information about each artist will be included, the work they have done with us will be referenced, and links, links and references will be added to their entire portfolio of artistic work.


Manotauro Red
Manotauro Black
Manotauro Houdini
Manotauro Blue

Alejandro Macià and I were discussing it before beginning the interview,
What a beautiful thing it is when others tell you how well you do something, how original you are, how much merit you have, right?

And, instead, how ugly it is when you say it about yourself, that you are the best, that you do everything well…

Manotauro is an inclusive Community and we are not the children of rich millionaires, here we all work, we are professionals and we are very proud of it and of continuing to work on the project adding more creators and artists to the Manotauro movement.


This is a very important and recurring theme in the world of art, the loneliness of the artist…


That’s right, that’s why it’s important for us to give artists the space and recognition they deserve, to actively contribute to making their art known and to make them feel supported and valued.
And how nice it is to work together, with the people we have chosen for it, because all of us who are here love the project and we are at a very exciting stage. There is a long journey ahead and that is enthusiasm, it is illusion.



Kiku Moreno - Founder & CEO - Manotauro

Although there is still a long way to go, how do you imagine Manotauro when you have reached where you want to go?


Well… I would like Manotauro to transcend me.

That Manotauro is a project capable of really helping artists. There are so many wonderful examples in recent history of a movement that helps and encourages artists to make their art and passion known.
We are with the NFTS starting to work with NGOs, to also be able to give them a hand financially in their projects.

Manotauro started as a hobby, surely the most expensive hobby in the world, but a hobby. The difference between a hobby and a job is that the hobby costs you money and the job gives you money.

Now that the hobby is also becoming a job, which is what we are beginning to share now, there will be money to share with people who really need it, for necessary and important things in our country, on our continent, and on our planet. . This is the plan. And it’s so beautiful.


Very Beautiful. So be it. And what would you highlight as the main strengths of Manotauro in order to successfully travel that path?


Manotauro is an Icon, a brutally unique icon.

Sometimes I don’t know what is happening in the world, if we are running out of ideas, but what I see is a lot of money looking for brilliant ideas and Manotauro has its ancient part, it has its modern part, it has its a transgressive part, it even has a badass part, like life itself… Who has not felt identified at some point in their life with something like this? With something rebellious, different, disruptive… and it has a purpose.

An icon with the power of an ox and the horned hand, a symbol of rock and originally used in Italy to remove bad luck from children. A rock guitarist shook hands with his followers and said: «This is how I take away your bad luck, I give you all good luck», and that’s what it’s all about.

Manotauro is an icon with a revolutionary, rebellious touch, as well as elegant, of course, and in the world of art, irreverence is essential.

Manotauro Art

It is all perspective. It is true that figures have been seen for things that have been sold that make you throw your hands up, but… by that same rule, one realizes that it is really the human being himself who sets limitations, because, those who do not have them, happily accept the price of that sale because that is what they like and because they can afford it.


I have a phrase that I wrote years ago that is, «There are people who were given a grove of trees and only know how to make toothpicks and there are people who were given seeds and made a grove of trees.» That is the difference.

We have been given a little seed and we work it, we row, we fight and we are proud of our daily work.
Manotauro is an icon like no other. I think the key is to set a very serious work schedule, because time goes by so fast, and to continuously monitor our progress in terms of artists, galleries, exhibitions, events…everything.

Of course there will be obstacles, there have already been obstacles, problems, like in all races, but we didn’t give up. And others will come, of course, but we will overcome them because the project excites us and we want it to transcend us, so that in 50 years we will still be here, with Manotauro up there…

Manotauro Clothing

Kiku, how will Manotauro’s relationship / interaction with the User Community develop? Not only with artists, but also with clients and potential investors?


Manotauro is an inclusive community that has to do with kindness, tolerance, strength and a lot of joint work, that’s what it’s all about.

Each artist who wants to join the movement will have their own representative, who will lend a hand to explain what the project is like, how we can help you, where they might feel more comfortable and, of course, in the end it will be the public themselves who decide if they want to join the movement. like or if you are interested in that artists.

There is no parameter or predefined profile of who can enter. In principle, everyone can enter, except extremists or radicals of any kind, of course, and then it will be the audience itself that will do everything else.

Art and technology hand in hand, as NFTS and Metaverse go hand in hand. They are the art of the future, it is what it is.

NFTS were sold for a ton of millions of cryptocurrency.
Anyone who knew a little about computing would type four things, hang up and ask for a million euros, or dollars, and logically that led to the collapse.
That is NOT our plan. Our plan is Quality Art.

With the support of the NGO’s with which we are going to work and through a barter system, the artists have to impose themselves, and for this they will be technologically supported as much as we can, of course.
In reference to investment, the same. Investors who like certain projects or artists can contact us and make their proposal.

The only thing that will never be allowed is for the Manotaur move to change hands,
And if one day a large investor came with a proposal, the entire Manotauro movement would come together there, artists, designers, engineers, lawyers, and the whole world would listen, but hey, we are not of retirement age, we are of working age, to build, to create.


On September 23rd, on thee 27th edition of La Nit de l’Art in Mallorca, we had the high jump, with essential elements so that the overall ensemble can be seen. We don’t expect any gold medal, but from here we are already in the race.


The official presentation of the Manotauro movement took place with a stand where music and spectacular visual effects accompanied a Manotauro giant figure of 1,80 x 3,20m, where visitors enjoyed themselves approaching, touching, and taking photos with the spectacular Manotauro sculpture, while the full portfolio of Manotauro’s figures were shown completely animated on the screen, both in its hand-head and in the rest of the muscles of its titanic body.

Giant Manotauro, La Nit de l'Art 2023
Giant Manotauro night special effects la Nit de l'Art 2023 Mallorca
The  constantly growing Manotauro Community celebrating La Nit de l'Art in Mallorca 2023
Manotauro Nit de l'Art Mallorca 2023

Fantastic Kiku, any special final message for all our readers?

Manotauro is a beautiful project, a project for professionals, an inclusive project that will bring together artists from all over the world.

We have months of full production ahead of us. One piece will be sold, another will be released, much progress can be made in the next few months.

The four legs of the Manotauro structure are also already established, now they have to be polished, improved and developed and we are preparing the Casa de Manotauro, which will have a huge work table for 10 people, expandable up to 18.

Manotauro is a movement, it is a community: Artists, readers, clients and investors, I invite you all to join the Manotauro Movement, where you will discover a world full of artistic possibilities and where strength and passion combine to create something truly unique.

Come to leave your Artist mark in the Manotauro Universe.

Welcome to Manotauro.


Palma de Mallorca, June 25th 2023

– By Patricia Pal, The Ambassadors Sections – © NastaONE International Communication

Manotauro Shirt

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