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                                                                     JAÉN, GOLDEN EARTH


Jaén, located in the Spanish region of Andalusia, enjoys the uniqueness of having sixty six million olive trees (66M), and is a world reference in the production of extraordinary high quality EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Jaén feels deeply proud of leading the olive oil sector in Spain, as important and strategic as healthy and sustainable, especially considering the current global trend that fortunately is increasingly inclined towards a healthy lifestyle inclusive of the habits of consumption of a balanced and healthy diet. 

Few other economic sectors hold more potential for growth, development and expansion still ahead, at a global level, than the olive oil sector, being Jaén’s olive juice more precious than liquid gold.

The Deputation of Jaén has been working tirelessly for years in order to promote its EVOO at international level and make the world know more about the valuable virtues and properties of Jaén’s Ultra Fine olive juice.

Today, Jaén’s EVOO is widely recognized and highly appreciated as a global benchmark of extraordinary quality among the most formidable experts and prominent figures of the finest Avant-Garde gastronomy at international level, as the best selection among the best  Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the World.



Millenary Olive Tree




Its range of colors of intense greens, its scents, full of nuances; Its taste, with suggestive and deep flavours, invite you to taste a product of excellence, capable of improving any dish and a true essential in the Mediterranean Diet, an Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

It is extra virgin olive oil, the liquid gold that emanates from a sea of olive trees that outlines the horizon of Jaén, the Spanish province that cannot be understood without the ancient culture of oil and olive groves.

The province of Jaén is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Around 20% of the olive oil produced throughout the planet is extracted from Jaén more than 66 million olive trees, which make up a unique landscape candidate to become UNESCO World Heritage.

Along with quantity, the Jaen olive sector has undergone a revolution in recent decades based on its firm commitment to quality and differentiation. To its mechanization and professionalization, a much more important process has been added, the advancement of the beginning of the olive harvest, which favors the obtaining of the so-called early oils, fruity and intense juices, which year after year appear in the international rankings of the best extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in the world.

In order to increase the value of the extra virgin olive oils with the highest organoleptic quality, encouraging producers to obtain and market oils of extraordinary quality, as well as to improve the image and position in the market of olive oil from Jaén and promote it among consumers, since 2003 the Provincial Council of Jaén chooses through a tasting-contest the eight magnificent EVOOs that receive the Jaén Selección distinction, which certifies their indisputable quality. A recognition that has been a great incentive for the olive sector of the province to have taken giant steps with excellence as a premise and guarantee for the future.

The perfection of these oils is not an exception in the Jaen countryside, as every year there are more cooperatives and oil mills that produce first-class liquid gold. In fact, the latest edition of the Jaén Selección tasting-contest, whose jury is made up of professionals from the best tasting panels in Spain, registered a high number of participants, with 71 extra virgins presented, including 19 from organic production.

Of all these olive juices, the brands that will display the distinctive Jaén Selección throughout the year 2023 are Oro Bailén Picual, Dominus Cosecha Temprana, Puerta de las Villas, Oro de Cánava, Esencial Olive, Pradolivo, Señorío de Camarasa and the Organic Supreme Oil. Oils that are distinguished by their organoleptic qualities, flavor and smell, and that are a true delicacy for the most demanding palates and kitchens.



Jaén Selección 20023





Beyond its indisputable quality, Jaén Selección 2023 oils are an exponent of the healthy, gastronomic and environmental qualities of the best extra virgin.

Scientific studies such as Predimed or Predimed Plus certify the benefits that its consumption has for health, especially with regard to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases or against the development of different cancerous tumors, neurodegenerative or respiratory diseases.

The intake of olive oil improves the quality of life and prolongs it. And if all this were not enough to recommend its consumption, you just have to savor the dishes made with extra virgin olive oil to discover that any recipe improves with this liquid gold.

This is confirmed by chefs of the highest cuisine, restaurants recognized with a Michelin Star, which have incorporated the Jaén Selección into their kitchens.



Jaén Olive Oil, Spanish Gastronomy Treasure



The eight Jaén Selection 2023 are the visible face of the best oil, the excellence and quality of the land that knows more and better about the olive grove and its olive oil, a product that permeates life, the economy and the culture of Jaén, and that In short, it is part of the essence of Jaén.



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Señorío de Camarasa:

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