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The Caixin Summit Series are composed of high-level International Conferences, Forums and Events that Caixin Global holds every year both in China and abroad, including the iconic Caixin Summit, held every Autumn in Beijing and in Hong Kong in June, and the Caixin International Roundtables, successfully organized and held at some of the world’s most important financial and commercial hubs, so far NYC, Washington, Davos, St. Petersburg, Rome, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Sydney and HK.


The Caixin Summit Series of International Conferences and Events aim to promote deep engagement between China and the world, bringing together top-level global decision makers and opinion leaders from politics, business, finance and academia from around the world, for critical discussions to share ideas that further advance the world’s sustainable development and growth, while enhancing global governance, embracing understanding and cooperation, and helping international companies seize new opportunities both in China and abroad.

The Caixin Summit Series of International Conferences and Events also functions as a data-and research powerhouse of thoughts and ideas that help shape new channels of direct communication between China and the world.

The Caixin Summit, Caixin Media’s Flagship Event, will be held on November 2022 in Beijing, Singapore & Online, gathering over 1,000 attendees per day, and featuring both open-forum and closed-door sessions.


Explore last year 2021 Caixin Summit here:

The Caixin Summit
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Caixin Summit
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Incomparable Resources
Caixin Summit Series