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Increscendo Consultores

 David Ramírez Bertelli – Founder & CEO

Increscendo is a Spanish engineering company founded in 2007 by David Ramirez Bertelli, a master civil engineer enthusiastic about multiphysics engineering and always involved in green energies.

The core of Increscendo‘s work is civil and industrial works, water cycle, renewable energy and R&D associated with high temperature structures.

«In the renewable field we have designed wind farms and photovoltaic plants, although our leading knowhow is in the engineering design of thermalsolar plants. We have been developing them since 2010 in different countries such as Spain, South Africa, Chile, Morocco, Israel and China.

After our recent participation in Urat Project, we have started collaborations with other Chinese companies such as Cosin Solar or Power China, with the aim of increasing our portfolio in this infinite country».

-Increscendo‘s specialty in CSP technology is civil and structural engineering, in particular the TES area including molten salts tanks and their insulating foundations.

«It has been this design that we have developed in Urat plant, applying our previous experience to detect in the work area accurate natural materials for our designs, making the project more environment friendly.

Thanks to our background in special thermal structures, we are currently participating in several research projects for renewable energies.

We can highlight Mosaic, with a mobile semi-Fresnel receiver and TankSun, a new concept of molten salts tanks and insulating foundations that is disruptive both for their special geometries and materials used.

In addition, Increscendo and partners have developed two thermal storage systems. One consists of small tanks inside which we store fluids or solids up to 600 ºC, with whose energy generate electricity with a conventional Rankine cycle.

The other are solid batteries that capture energy by contact with hot air in motion. This flow comes from waste emissions of industries with thermodynamic processes at high temperatures. The sensible heat stored in our batteries can be used later in the industry itself or for district heating».


The future of CSP and thermal storage is already here and Increscendo is going to be a very active part of it.

David Ramirez Bertelli

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