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Iberian Ham




A Breed takes Years to consolidate.

A Tradition takes Centuries to pass on.

An Iberian Ham needs time…a long time,

to become a Gastronomic Emblem,

a Cultivated Product.

The Iberian breed is unique and it is linked to rural environments, to the Mediterranean Diet and to ancestral practices that are part of the tradition of its entire people, for whom the Iberian Ham represents much more than a product: it is a concept, a way of understanding life, a passion.

The singularity of the Iberian Ham comes from the culture, the tradition and the unique know-how that is passed down from generation to generation, in perfect harmony with innovation and new technologies as generators of added value, which has led it to endure over time and in the collective gastronomic imaginary.





Its production is closely linked to a territory, the Iberian Peninsula. Dehesas, fields and farms are the origin of this unique product, closely linked to the rural environment and its people, for whom Iberian Ham is a lifestyle.

Turned into a gastronomic icon, the Iberian Ham has crossed the limits of gastronomy to become a true emblem of the Mediterranean Diet, recognized as World Heritage in 2010 and a world benchmark of a varied and balanced diet.

 Among its main attributes, the Iberian Ham is responsible for the biodiversity and the sustainability (environmental, social and economic) of rural areas. Without going any further, it contributes to the maintenance of an ecosystem typical of the Iberian Peninsula and unique in the world, the Dehesa.

The Dehesa is a legendary ecosystem, an earthly paradise of 3.5 million hectares located in the south-west of the peninsula, where a unique breed is raised, the Iberian, where man, nature and the Iberian pig enter into sacred unity.

As a paradigm of green and circular economy, it represents the balance between the respect for the environment and the sustainable use of the natural resources. A perfect symbiosis between human and nature.



The quality of the Iberian Ham is reflected in the shiny veining typical of the Iberian breed that contrasts with that intense and characteristic red, providing that unmistakable aroma, flavor and intensity.

To obtain such an exquisite product, the Iberian pig is fed with the best natural resources (acorns, field resources and natural feed). The result? A flavor full of nuances!

Its intense and persistent aroma, fruit of the final phases of maturation, with oily notes and reminiscences of dried fruit, wood or toast, as well as its suggestive appearance of intense reddish color drawn by its characteristic veining and its unique texture, awakens the Iberian Sense in everyone who tries a slice of this gourmet product.

Because we are talking about more than just food. We are talking about gastronomic heritage, of the rural world, of the landscape that provides it, of sustainability… In short, we are talking about a singular and special product, which needs 4, 5, 6, 7… years before being enjoyed.

Because if there is one thing that characterizes the production of an Iberian Ham, it is that it is a natural process based on long preparation and curing time. A meticulous and traditional process that culminates in the sensory enjoyment of an exciting and universal product.

To appreciate the sweet, salty and cured nuances that come together in the umami, that subtle, prolonged and indescribable fifth flavor that stimulates our palate when eating a few slices of Iberian Ham, we must use all the senses: sight, touch, smell, taste…


Iberian Ham High Gastronomy


A product of this caliber offers a wide range of culinary possibilities thanks to its versatility.
Michelin Star Chefs, ambassadors of Iberian Ham around the world, integrate it into their avant-garde menus.

Surprising culinary creations that demonstrate that the Iberian Ham can be introduced in the simplest kitchen and in the most sophisticated, conceptualizing an exclusive product that offers many possibilities in the stoves


“It is the perfect bite, with a mystical part, which has different nuances that provide different flavors. For some of the most special preparations on our menu, we use Iberian Ham to enhance the flavor of the dishes. We all carry within an Iberian sense that we have to awaken. We want to share the excellence of a product so pure and genuine with everyone”. Mario Sandoval, Chef who leads the cuisine at Restaurante Coque, distinguished with two Michelin stars.

“Iberian Ham is a highly respected product due to its culture, history and elaboration, a food of the highest quality. Knowing its elaboration process is like entering a temple full of relics with a smell that fascinates and transports you. It’s a whole religion». Carlos Gaytán, First Mexican Chef to receive a Michelin star and chef of the famous Há Restaurant

«A jewel of Spanish gastronomy that I can use in my kitchen in various ways and that gives each dish a special touch.» Christian Sturm-Willms, Head Chef at the Michelin-starred Yunico Restaurant.

“Iberian Ham for me is the best of all hams. It is a memory of great meals and gatherings with friends. It never disappoints you. In my kitchen, I use it alone, as an appetizer, or as a condiment. A few shavings over eggs with mayonnaise, in a salad, and it changes everything!” Amandine Chaignot, Chef at the Pouliche Restaurant.


Iberian Ham Delight


Camilo José Cela said:  

«Ham is a Bite typical of the Blessed»

The influential Spanish writer knew perfectly well that explosion of flavor so exceptional on our palate that occurs when you savor Iberian Ham. A powerful emotion that awakens your “Iberian Sense”.

The «Iberian Sense» is born in the Mediterranean culture, from uniting something as unique as the Iberian Ham, and something as extraordinary as a special way of understanding and living life. Because it is a sense that is not only about smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting or touching. It is about feeling, sharing, enjoying, celebrating and toasting.

It is a sense that takes you to the essence of what we are… to perceive an aroma, a color or an incredible flavor, to enjoy the Iberian Ham. Because the Iberian Sense cannot be described; it can only be lived.

We are talking about a living concept that invites you to try, to discover, to enjoy Iberian Ham, and that marks a new positioning for the sector. With this objective, “Jamones Ibéricos from Spain, Ambassadors of Europe in the World” was born, an innovative and disruptive campaign, promoted by ASICI with the support of the EU, which will tour five countries on three different continents to show throughout the world the art, culture, tradition, dedication and passion that exists behind each Iberian Ham.

Antonio Prieto, President of ASICI, has it clear: “We need to awaken in Chinese consumers what many of us already feel with Iberian Ham. We have a unique product in Europe, with a great story behind it, and we are obliged to tell it. Because no matter where you are from…you have it. You only need a slice of Iberian Ham to awaken your Iberian Sense”.

With this idea we intend to arouse the interest of millions of Chinese consumers and thousands of restaurateurs, so that they can enjoy the captivating flavor of this Blessed Cultured Food.

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