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Ana Rosa Pardo - CEO Grupo Elevaric & Lighting Stone Balearic







Today, in The Ambassadors Sections, we interviewed Ana Rosa Pardo, CEO de Elevaric Group & Lighting Stone Balearic, to discover more about the origins of the company, her career prior to the founding of the company, the incredible features of both functionality and design of the Aritco Elevators and the beautiful and sophisticated 100% natural and backlit stone pieces from Lighting Stone Balearic.




Ana Rosa, let’s get to know you better, tell us about the origins of the Elevaric Group


Thank you very much Patricia, delighted to be part of this magnificent initiative of The Ambassadors Sections to promote Mallorca through the best of its business sector.

Well, our activity really began with Lighting Stone Balearic and later on we founded Elevaric Group and we are much delighted and eager because we are 100% in love with natural stone both in work and in decoration.

By training, we are industrial engineers, so we had always worked on construction sites and, my father-in-law, who throughout his professional life has been involved in iconic projects in Spain, and always working with high-end natural stone, trained us and that is how we acquired knowledge and experience in the sector.

Natural stone is one of the most noble and elegant materials, but it had a series of drawbacks that until today could not be solved, such as breakage of pieces, chips on the edges, yellowing of the white marbles, stains and other unforeseen events that arise, usually, right just when the works are going to be delivered.

We have always been very focused on finding solutions for all these types of problems, in addition to the fact that in the Balearic Islands our product enjoys a very important differentiating effect, since more and more the islands are becoming a true paradise and we have a very exclusive client profile.

We always look for that distinctive and disruptive effect for those very demanding clients who look for excellence and for the very special, which goes beyond the normal and the usual, because in the end their homes are authentic showcases, so we are always in a process of constant evolution and innovation, looking for the best options and generating the best solutions for all our clients.

We turn Stones into Jewelry.


Lighting Stone Balearic

And so we started with small projects, because we also came from a long professional career in the lifting sector.

Last year we went to the Casa Decor exhibition, because we always want to be up to date with everything latest in terms of design, and the latest developments from the best architects and interior designers and there we discovered the Elevators Aritco.


Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric

We thought they were wonderful because they didn’t make any noise and we were very struck by the fact that they were resting directly on the ground.

They have a very fine and beautiful Scandinavian design, and they are a great solution for single-family homes, luxury villas and all types of businesses, whether hotels, restaurants or commercial premises, because the issue of noise is a great limiter when it comes to feeling comfortable and at ease, and the Aritco Elevators are extremely quiet.

Since they do not need a pit, because they rest directly on the ground, to install them there is no need to break down the top to make a coffer.

Aritco Elevators do not need work, so you get rid of the cumbersome problems and inconvenience that comes with having to do work, or searching for spaces where it seems that an elevator does not fit, or having to install a very unaesthetic elevator that could detract from the rest of the home or space.

We were so pleasantly impressed that we met with the Aritco management team and agreed to sign the exclusive distribution contract in the Balearic Islands.

Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric
Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric

Ana Rosa,  you mentioned that, for your clients, their houses are not only their homes, they are also authentic showcases. This clearly defines the importance that design and aesthetics have in your business…

Very much so, because they must not only be products with excellent functionality and very quiet, but also very beautiful on a visual level, with a spectacular design capable of integrating perfectly into all environments, be they homes, offices or commercial businesses, restaurants, cafes, industrial warehouses…and in the case of hotels, those that are, let’s say, of most sophisticated style.

Aritco Elevators are also an excellent option when doing a major renovation, because everyone looks for elements that match the home, but in general, when it comes to elevators the options are very limited. In the end they are a closed box that goes up and down, but often an entire interior design team has to be deployed just for the elevator.

Other important advantages of the Aritco Elevators, apart from not requiring work, is that they are glass and are also very easy to keep clean, because unlike traditional elevators, that have a shaft and a closed cabin which causes lint and dirt to accumulate, which is very visible and difficult to clean, Aritco elevators do not have that problem: they have a very simple, elegant and beautiful access, with a wonderful design that integrates perfectly into any space, like another element of the decoration. They look great.

There are many crucial aspects when carrying out a proper renovation, and Aritco Elevators represent an ideal comprehensive solution to take into account in the field of elevation.

Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric
Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric
Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric

Ana Rosa Pardo about Aritco Elevators and Lighting Stone Balearic in Fibwi TV:

 Of course, the fact that they can be installed without the need for work is already an exponential advantage and if they also have a beautiful design and magnificent features in terms of functionality and silence…

Yes, and our most compact model, the Aritco HomeLift Compact, is available also for outdoors, with dimensions of 90 x 90 cm and has a capacity of 250kg, so even in spaces where there is less than 1 meter available, we can install the elevator with its self-supporting structure without any work, opening up a world of possibilities in spaces that would make installing traditional elevators completely unfeasible.

Sometimes we have to make a little small cut out of the stairs, or some other small adaptation, but nothing like a traditional construction installation with a concrete hole, so the entire process is much simpler, cleaner and faster.

It is a fantastic solution for both homes and all types of businesses, for which the installation of an Aritco Elevator can be a very quick, useful and effective solution for both clients and employees.

In terms of aesthetics they also provide great added value. We practically went from having to hide the elevators to wanting to make them as visible as possible.

They become another decorative element because they are also fully customizable: you can choose from more than 200 different colors, 8 different types of flooring, 2 types of glass doors: a large single-leaf swing glass door, or a double two-leaf with central opening, and up to 8 design walls (back wall, DesignWall) with different works of art available.

Ascensores Aritco Baleares<br />

Another very important factor is security…


Fundamental. On the one hand, because Aritco Elevators do not work with cables or belts like traditional elevators, so they can never fall, and on the other, because there is no possibility of an accident when the doors close, since they have a button that activates an instantaneous lock on the doors opening and closing system, which eliminates any risk for children, the elderly or pets, since as long as the lock remains activated the elevator would never start.

In the event of a power outage in the area, for the safety of any home, commercial establishment or public premises, the elevator would automatically go down to the floor using its batteries and would remain with the doors open until the power supply is restored. 

This also provides great tranquility and peace of mind, since a person alone in their home could never get trapped and the same with a group of people in any public establishment or premises.

That annoying and overwhelming risk of being trapped until a local technician arrives is eliminated, which during a power outage, as we all know, can take a long time…

In addition, the Aritco Elevators have a safety perimeter at the base of the platform and at the top of the panel to prevent children from putting their hands or arms in and getting trapped, or pets from putting their paws in. Or if you accidentally drop something, it is also collected in that perimeter, which prevents the object from being lost or misplaced.

Another advantage is that Aritco Elevators are fantastic for people who have claustrophobia, because as they are simply a panoramic glass platform that goes up and down, the feeling of travel is much more pleasant.

The truth is that they are all advantages and the features are a great added value in our elevators.

In fact, we are so confident in the reliability of the product that we offer a 5-year warranty on the self-supporting structure and elevator, because it always goes together. The worm and nut assembly has a 10-year warranty, this worm system being the simplest and most robust there is, and precisely because of its simplicity it is also the safest, because it cannot detach and fall.


The Aritco patented worm screw traction system is extremely quiet and allows the elevator to be operated in a very simple way, either from the elevator button itself, from a mobile application, or with a remote control for people with reduced mobility, especially in the upper extremities.

The truth is that they are a true marvel in terms of technology, safety, design, silence, speed and versatility.

Aritco is much more than an elevator.


And there are also important intangible psychological values. For example, for a person who needs it, using a stairlift is not the same as using an Aritco Elevator…


Exactly. For a disabled person, whatever the degree, having to use a stairlift can generate a lot of resistance on a psychological level, it can hurt their sensitivity and their ego, since they will feel uncomfortable both physically and psychologically, and this. can even lead to make them feel watched or even judged.

In fact, many people who need a stairlift have one installed in their home and do not use it, either because it is difficult for them to get in, or because they feel reluctant to have to use it for the reasons we have just discussed. This ends up greatly limiting the person’s free mobility in their own home.

On the other hand, the Aritco Elevator is a solution with maximum functionality that is not at all associated with reduced mobility, with a beautiful design, very easy to operate and also perfectly suitable for use in a wheelchair. 

Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric
Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric

Ana Rosa, let’s talk about your professional career, because I think it is interesting to share the training and the experience you already had accumulated before founding Elevaric Group.

That’s right, we are currently Exclusive Distributors of Aritco Elevators in the Balearic Islands, which is a Swedish company with more than 25 years in the market, more than 40,000 pieces of equipment installed, and that has won numerous international design awards, meaning that our choice is not It was not random or coincidental, but based on many positive factors related to both the company trajectory and its history and the quality and functionality of its equipment.

Regarding our own company, Elevaric Group, we created it precisely because we detected some gaps in the market that we wanted to cover.

Our beginnings were in pure and simple construction, first as a technician in a scaffolding company and later as a building inspector in an architectural studio.

Later on, I became elevator’s inspector for both multinationals and SMEs at a local level, and there I began to be passionate about the world of elevation, because I tend to empathize a lot with people and their needs and at that stage I really realized how important is making the home accessible to everyone because, for example, when an elevator was not in optimal condition and we had to stop it for safety, for the families or for the community it was truly a real drama.


That stage marked a before and after, from that moment on, safety became a primary factor for me, because through my professional experience, I began to realize how many accidents could have been avoided, and that concern increased even more so after having children.

For me, safety is the most important priority, the paramount issue. Children, seniors, pets…our family members are our own personal capital, the most valuable and important thing we have in our life.

Later on, I started working at Schindler as a technician specializing in RGP, which is the mandatory regulatory periodic inspection of elevators, and I also learned a lot, but a large multinational is not willing, or cannot afford to take good care of its small clients, because in the end the billing level of a multinational is large and maintains a large workforce, but we prefer to focus on excellence of service, to take good care of the details, to really pamper and take really good care of our clients, because our product not only exponentially improves their own lives, homes and business, but also that of their entire families and communities and we want to make our clients part of the entire process.

That’s what moves us, that’s what motivates us, improving people’s lives through safety, reliability, functionality and efficiency, and with the best design.

Ascensores Aritco Baleares - Grupo Elevaric

What we had always longed for was to provide a fully personalized high-quality service, and that requires being able to innovate, being versatile and adaptable to the real needs of each client in order to offer them the most appropriate product, and all of this One-Stop-Shop, so that our clients do not have to worry about anything, because we already take care of everything.

We also finance, and I think this is important to highlight, so we are the only interlocutor that our clients need. We speak with the construction company, with the architects, we process all the necessary licenses and permits, everything.

It is a complete Turn-Key package because throughout our history we have accumulated a complete and deep knowledge related to the product, to all the phases of the process and all the requirements, and we are always coordinated with the best professionals, we collaborate with the best in each field.



And Aritco Elevators are also feasible for outdoors


That’s right, we have specific models that can be assembled outdoors, because they are very well prepared to endure both extreme cold and heat.

In short, they really are very innovative elevators, they are relatively new in Mallorca, many people still do not know them and when they see them for the first time they are impressed, they often tell us they have never seen such beautiful elevators before, they are pleasantly surprised by their elegant and contemporary design with clean, simple lines, with their beautiful glass doors that give a very open panoramic effect, with its extremely smooth operation and with its control panel with integrated handrail.

All very practical, very beautiful, very safe and very functional.


Fantastic Ana Rosa, let’s now talk about your other product line, Lighting Stone Balearic



Well, the project also arose as a result of detecting two shortcomings that we saw during construction: the first was that all new construction villas tend to resemble each other, there are no decorative elements that make them unique and unrepeatable, and secondly, we wanted to make sure that the stone would no longer have the problems that it historically presented, such as stains, breaks, chips, so that people would lose their fear of putting natural stone in their projects for fear that the countertop could break right at the end of the work…

Currently, countertops and islands are very long, kitchens have changed a lot, Covid was a before and after in terms of design.

The living rooms have also been expanded into kitchens, they are now a kitchen-living rooms, used as places where you have an aperitif, a chat, they have become true meeting spaces, and in the end when you receive someone at home…your house is your letter of presentation right? And if you like to be a good host, why not show off your home and have people remember you for what they have seen?

And that is where we come in with Lighting Stone Balearic, giving that differentiating, sophisticated and disruptive touch, because marble and the rest of the natural stones really appeal to everyone.

In recent times, due to the problems generated by stone, many synthetic materials have appeared in the market that can be very beautiful and give good results, but of course they are synthetic, and therefore not exclusive. On tile number 30 the identical drawing is repeated, something that is impossible in natural stone, what nature gives you is unique and unrepeatable, there are no replicas or substitutes.

In the end, exclusiveness not only provides beauty and good results, but above all sensations. Everyone, when they see something so beautiful and touch it, expects to find that stony, cold, spectacular touch that only natural stones give. But of course, on a countertop, after a party or a dinner at home on any given day, even a coffee leaves a trace, a pot leaves a trace, a tray leaves a trace… and it leaves it for life.

It is like a scratch on the car, which is permanent and bothers you because you are going to see it every day…so that small damage that is going to bother you to see, can be avoided from the beginning with Lighting Stone Balearic, 100% natural stone more resistant to impacts, stains and extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and also backlit, with wireless charging, easy installation and cutting-edge 5-axis 3D cutting technology.

So of course, with Lighting Stone Balearic, in addition to having a spectacular piece of natural stone, you are delighted not only to use it but to look at it, you look at it and admire it while you drink that delicious coffee, calm and satisfied because you know that it will never leave a mark.

Lighting Stone Balearic provides beauty, resistance, hygiene, aesthetics and distinction and, in addition to being resistant to stains, it can also be incorporated into bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas and spas, as it resists high temperatures very well.

Black marbles are very fashionable now, which are very beautiful, but over time and cleaning they ended up having a cementy tone. We, with our patented system, always maintain the same original color intact, just like the white ones, which normally always ended up yellowing and could give a dirty sensation. Not  anymore, with our system the white always remains pristine, impeccable, perfect.


Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic

What is that system? What does your patented system consist of?


Ahh but that’s our secret, right? (Laughs)

Well, the big difference with the rest of the marble workers in the world is that what we do is cut the large marble slab with cutting-edge technology that reduces it to 5mm or even 2mm and thus we achieve that more than 90% of the natural stones are backlit.

With a special system, a translucent surface is achieved that has the included LEDs behind it, and apart from being able to backlight the stone in any desired color and effect, we increase the hardness of the material and its resistance to shocks and extreme temperatures.

In addition, our retro lighting is uniform, it has nothing to do with the fluorescent LEDs that any marble shop makes.

It is an artisanal system, it is what we mentioned at the beginning, that the type of customer who most appreciates our product is not a mass customer at all, it is an absolutely artisan, sophisticated and exclusive product, for those who seek to have jewelry in their spaces with the qualities of beauty, resistance and sustainability that nature itself offers.

It is for clients who are looking to have something unique and totally personalized, manufactured for them according to their style, their preferences and their priorities, because really each project, each design is very representative of the person who commissions it, since it is she who chooses the board. that represents you the most.

It is also important to highlight the impact it has on yourself to know that at home you are playing or having a coffee on a natural stone countertop. That has a tangible positive effect on you, your psychology and your well-being.

Visconti, the director of the film The Leopard, while they were filming in an Italian manor house, asked if all the dishes were behind the kitchen cabinets. They answered no, that it was a set, and he said that to film he needed the dishes to really be there, even if they couldn’t be seen, because as a director he needed to «Feel.»

That is to say… it’s not about it looking like luxury, about it looking authentic, but about it really being that.

That’s what has an effect on you.

And not only in your home, but in any space, whether private or business or commercial.

Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic

Ana Rosa, tell us please about the range and profile of your clients, both current and potential.


Well, Palladium Hotel Group, a benchmark in Ibiza and internationally, has trusted us because they were looking for something very exclusive, very differentiating and very innovative, and we made them a giant stone composition in the reception of one of their hotels, five six-meter totems. and a half high. The result is truly spectacular.

This has been very important and rewarding for us, because we are an SME with a unique and disruptive product in the Balearic Islands.

We wrote them an email to introduce ourselves, they responded requesting samples, we sent them two and when they received them they contacted us very excitedly, showering them with praise. It was wonderful.

It is a large structure located at the reception, with a seven-meter main counter with indirect lighting.

The 5 totems are spectacular, it is the first thing you see when you enter and you can see them from any angle of the reception and the truth is that it has been quite an experience, especially because everyone, from the workers to the group’s management, They were delighted and pleasantly surprised at how such a structure had been built from scratch.

The truth is that it has been a great job, very meticulous and very well done, with a lot of care and with a lot of respect and affection.

Other marble workers in the sector, who are dedicated to meeting other needs, also congratulated us for the work carried out and for the result obtained, which is truly surprising: spectacular, beautiful, unique and very groundbreaking, just as Grupo Paladium wanted.

Their interior design team was also very satisfied, because the result reflects very well what they were looking for: something special that reflected their own exclusivity and quality, and that is precisely what the group transmits to its clients as soon as they enter the hotel.

It is a very exclusive place and they wanted something in line with the profile of the client who stays there, and the rest of the materials and proposals that they had been evaluating until now had not managed to meet their objectives and meet their expectations, until we arrived.

That is why for us it has been a project, an enormously rewarding and enriching job, in every sense.

Palladium Hotel Group Lighting Stone Balearic
Palladium Hotel Group Lighting Stone Balearic

The thing is that if you connect…the love of the product is instantaneous and real, true love at first sight, it has happened to me. You can’t stop looking at it and you feel the immediate urge to want to touch it.


That’s how it is. It has happened to you because you have seen and touched it personally.

That is why, in our commercial actions, we always highlight the fundamental importance of coming to visit our showroom whenever possible. It’s really a before and after.

Of course we have a lot of graphic and descriptive material that we can send to our potential clients when they ask us for information: photos, videos, samples, everything they need, but the best way to experience these sensations is to come to our showroom and see and touch the product. in person, because that’s really what it is…an experience.

And another strength that we highly value is the unlimited customization options that the client will have at their disposal when designing their stay: they will be able to select from different tables the one that best suits their tastes or the one that best represents them, they will feel like a participant. so that that connection, that infatuation, is present from the first moment and throughout the design process.

It is a natural product, you feel in some way as if it had a life of its own.




Ana Rosa for readers who may be wondering now what the samples are like… I am thinking now not only of individuals but also of hotels, businesses, shops, restaurants, cafes, offices…


The first step is to contact us and describe what you need, what case you would like to cover or what space you would like to work on, and depending on what they need, we will make the corresponding suggestions to guide them on the best option: white stone, jade, onyx…if you would like it backlit, in what colors and effects, etc.

The options are endless, completely personalized and as we said, being natural stone, each piece is unique. And they don’t just have to be large formats for spectacular decoration elements or large kitchen countertops.

They can also be small pieces for everyday use, both on a personal level at home and beautiful pieces or functional and at the same time decorative elements such as coasters, trays, tables, etc. And also in all sizes, according to what each client may need.

We can create combinable sets, for example normal-sized coasters and larger ones that can be used to support trays or containers when you set the table, and that serve equally well indoors and outdoors and perfectly resist any temperature, in case we support, for example, any very hot container. They perfectly resist fire, heat, grease…everything.

You can also make very exclusive decorative elements such as vases, lamps or any other element for rooms or bathrooms in hotels, or on boats, in very high-end cars, in bars, restaurants, terraces…they have many applications, and conceptually speaking, the options are also limitless.

Any idea can become reality.

Sauna - Lighting Stone Balearic
Elemento decorativo Rolls Royce, Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic

The choice of stone, together with the backlighting options available, offer an infinite spectrum of effects to create all types of atmospheres and sensations in any space.

As they say: «For tastes, colors.»

Everything can be customized, the aesthetics, the surface of the stone, the effects depending on the backlighting, the sizes, the formats, everything.

Readers interested in visiting our showroom will be able to personally appreciate the samples, their beauty and unmatched touch.

One of the stones we have here is called Bulgarian Blue, a stone of Greek origin that is very Mediterranean and that we distribute exclusively.

There are some blue tones that are very elegant and that with backlighting can totally change the effect of any environment that are also ideal for decorative elements on boats, as they give a unique and exclusive touch.

Through backlighting, you can create very attractive and colorful silhouette effects or movement effects for pubs, clubs… there are so many options, you have to come see it.


Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic
Lighting Stone Balearic

Seriously, it’s impossible not to fall in love…

Because you see them in person, because you have touched them, that is why we never tire of emphasizing the importance of coming in person to experience the product.

Each of the pieces is in itself a world of sensations. They are authentic jewels that, by themselves, are capable of immediately dressing up any space. Any empty room, any establishment, would automatically be dressed in an almost magical way just by the presence of the stone: onyx, white quartzite, green jade, lapis lazuli… and the light of the backlight.

It is an unlimited universe of possibilities.

Furthermore, even in the 3 cm thickness of the board, different stones can be used on different faces, for example, a sliding door that divides two spaces, on one side it can be a white Calaccatta marble and on the other a black portoro, according to with the environment on the other side, and apart from the fact that they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, they are also submersible, in case you want to use them for pools or fountains. They simply need a different treatment and have a layer of glass in front, or in vertical gardens, which are very fashionable now, or even with a waterfall.

The same for indoor or outdoor furniture in houses, villas or establishments with gardens, terraces or outdoor areas, you can make spectacular outdoor tables, garden bar counters… we did a project for a 6 meter long barbecue area in the shape of a «u», made of onyx, truly spectacular.


In addition, crystal-minerals have metaphysical properties. Onyx, for example, has protective properties and transmutes negative energy, like black tourmaline.

Yes, and it is beautiful, black, so elegant… that is why, beyond the unique kitchen countertops, you can make all kinds of outdoor furniture, tables or bar counters.

Really, for people looking for something totally special, unique and exclusive, this is your product.

They are also applicable in SPAs, which Mallorca has wonderful SPAs, or in the thermal areas of gyms, and in any space where you want to play or apply chromotherapy treatments, which are the effects of colors on health and about our state of mind.

Or change the color of a jacuzzi while you are bathing, green, blue, pink, lilac, purple, red… The backlighting system is made with Led, all colors can be chosen and applied.

That is why the product has so many applications in decoration, because the system allows you to create all types of different environments in the same space.

And the same goes for furniture. On the same table, you can change the desired visual and decorative effect. For example, at Christmas, perhaps you fancy red, or gold, or green tones. In summer, you can decorate the table with its own light in turquoise tones, and the same with all the decorative elements such as lamps, trays or coasters.

The light can be white light to see the natural tones of the stone, as we have in almost all the samples, or it can be directly associated with home automation and we prepare them so that they are RGB and can change to all colors.

Everything is customizable.


Lighting Stone Balearic

Ana Rosa, at an international level, can you serve clients from any background, from anywhere in the world?


Of course, we can serve clients and projects all over the world.

They ask us for quotes from India, the Dominican Republic or England and we currently have a distributor interested in our brand for Andorra.

We can collaborate with clients worldwide to carry out projects or carry out their orders in all countries.


Ónix retroiluminado Apple

What are the main guidelines of your roadmap right now?

We have participated in the Mallorca Home Meeting Real Estate and Construction Fair that was held in Mallorca on October 5th, 6th and 7th, with a gorgeous stand in which we exhibited all our products.


In November, we have also participated in Marbella Art & Design, event that is recognized as one of the most prominent in the world of interior design in Spain, where we have collaborated with Landscapers, the Architecture Studio of Paco Díaz (Francisco Díaz Ramos), who is a highly prestigious Spanish architect, interiors and landscape designer, in the space Dehesa, that has been the restaurant of Marbella Art & Design 2023.

Dehesa stood out for its innovative, ecological and emotional proposal, in which the terrace of the Marbella congress palace was transformed into an Extremadura meadow, captivating all visitors with a landscape that evoked Díaz’s childhood memories. It has been awarded first prize for the most ecological and sustainable space in the fair.

Paco Díaz is a very creative and very talented person, you talk to him and it is an incessant brainstorm and the truth is that it is a very ambitious project, his work is wonderful and for us it is always important and interesting to work with the best, so we are very happy to be able to collaborate with him.



It has undoubtedly been a very interesting opportunity for both parties, you will be able to establish many new synergies out of this first outstanding collaboration


That’s right, because we are also established in Mallorca and they are in Marbella, so we can become mutual drivers of both clients and projects.

We are very excited about this collaboration because Paco immediately saw the great potential of our Lighting Stone Balearic product and, at the end of the day, the interior designers are the ones who go hand in hand with the clients, to whom they trust their home and their comfort.

They are also always in search for the best for their clients and that is where we fit in perfectly, because noble materials always make people fall in love with them and stone is a noble, elegant and unique material.


The road ahead is truly beautiful and promising…


Very much indeed, we are very happy and excited with what we do because it is a very beautiful product and when we see the surprised faces and reactions of the people, the impact it causes, of course that is very gratifying.

And as we said before, since these are very exclusive products and materials, not everything has to be large-format pieces, a single touch can totally change the appearance of a large living room, a reception or any other large space.

For example, a narrow hallway can be completely transformed by using a sensor to light up the stone under your feet as you walk through it. It’s all about vision, imagination and perspective.

Dehesa - Marbella Art & Design 2003
BNI BAL Experience

Ana Rosa, you perfectly understand the importance of Branding and Communication, how fundamental it is not only to have such a special product but above all to make it known, especially in the current business environment, so fiercely competitive.

Also the importance of Networking, because like many of our interviewees in The Ambassadors Sections, you are a member of BNI Baleares.


Of course. The thing is, if people don’t know your product, how are they going to be able to hire you?

And Networking is also very important for us, it brings a lot to my BNI Baleares, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level.

Having to present your company to your colleagues on a weekly basis makes you polish your presentation and also learn a lot from how they present theirs.

This weekly exercise has helped me improve my business presentation exponentially.

I am part of the BNI BAL Experience Group and among all our colleagues we support each other a lot. We provide each other with suggestions, guidance and are always receptive to possibilities of synergies, collaboration and new business opportunities. We help each other. We evolve together.

At BNI Experience we are all established businessmen that you can trust, which gives you a lot of peace of mind because you know that they are going to do a good job.

Over time, many of those who were just colleagues when they entered end up becoming friends.

For me, one of these people is Pedro Ramis, Manager of Murprotec and Founder and CEO of Semper Vivens.

We were one of the first families in Mallorca to hire Murprotec, a definitive service in the treatment of humidity that for us marked a before and after, we had completely satisfactory results.

Pedro was the one who told me about BNI, I tried it and I loved it, so I joined BNI thanks to him.

Or Paulina Espinosa Miekwicz, our reference interior designer.

Our BNI BAL Experience group is hybrid, we hold face-to-face and online meetings and the truth is that I am very happy with my membership in BNI.

Communication, Branding, Networking…all are important tools for us, because we want to grow.

Rotary Club Palma Catedral

The Rotary Club Palma Catedral is also very important to me.

This year I am the Secretary of the Club.

One day, I had a meeting with Juan Mayol Morey and I saw that he was wearing the Rotary badge and the truth is that, until him, I had not met anyone who was from Rotary here in Mallorca. The most ambitious project that Rotary currently has is to end polio in the world, we finance vaccines to eradicate polio, and the next program is literacy for girls in the world.

The fundamental values ​​that define Rotary are camaraderie, friendship, integrity, solidarity, diversity, leadership, service and family relationships, and precisely because of the relationships that are created of friendship, networking is also generated.

We could say that, in some way, we are all professionals creating a better world. In fact, the Rotary logo represents a wheel that, like the world, is always spinning, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, and the circle constantly feeds itself.

The idea, the concept of Rotary, is that when you are at the top you contribute more to society, so that when you are at the bottom other people can also help you.

They are very beautiful values ​​that are based on solidarity, empathy and family. In fact, they are the values ​​that you instill in your own children, and by educating children in empathy and solidarity to help others, you help children feel useful too.

The best way to change the world is to start with your own world, the environment closest to you.

From the Rotary Cathedral Club we carry out various solidarity projects and donate the proceeds to various foundations.

For me, belonging to the Club has also been very important in the sense that, being a person from outside, I really missed feeling in some way that I also «fit in» in Mallorca, and thanks to the Club I feel as if I had a second family here.

Miembros de la Junta del Club Rotary Palma Catedral

How beautiful this feeling is, Ana Rosa, and how you feel it… What makes you feel this way?

Well, the truth is that I couldn’t explain it to you, but we meet every Friday at 2 p.m. and the truth is that sometimes it’s hard because you know that on no Friday will you eat with your family and your children, but you get there and it’s like an investment in you. same, let’s say that there I can be totally me, beyond being a mother, being a businesswoman,

That little while on Friday you are just a Person, and that’s how I feel there.

For me it is very comforting to come and talk about my projects and exchange ideas with my colleagues to be able to contribute our grain of sand to a great achievement for society, whether through actions for soup kitchens or contributions to a Foundation that needs us.

We honor our past and embrace our future. And well…Isn’t this a real way to create a better world?

Ana Rosa Pardo, CEO Grupo Elevaric & Lighting Stone Balearic

Ana Rosa, it has been a real pleasure to interview you and I have fallen even a little more in love, if possible, with your incredible products.

Finally, what would be the final message that you would like to send to all our readers both nationally and internationally about Group Elevaric,  Aritco Elevators Baleares and Lighting Stone Balearic?



Well, we have told you everything we are, what we do and our passion and motivation for how we do it.

I would also like to thank you, Patricia, for this interview, which we think is a very beautiful initiative, also very artisanal and very personalized, to promote Mallorca and with it those of us who are its business fabric.

We have expressed ourselves with the same care and affection with which we treat all our clients, and I would invite readers to come see us and get to know us, that our products and our service win over short distances, that there is no better example than the that you can observe, explore and experience in person, and that we are waiting for you in our offices, which are also our showroom, where we will be happy to assist you and personally show you all the advantages and functionalities of our products.

We are sure that when you meet them you will fall in love with them, as has happened to you, and that is precisely our reason for being, to be here for them, to make their lives more comfortable, more beautiful, more pleasant and easier.

Let them come visit us,

We will elevate their Lives to the Highest.



– By Patricia Pal

Palma de Mallorca, November 14th 2023

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