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Castillo de Canena

Once Upon a Time…A treasured family business with an olive tradition since 1780

Rosa and Paco Vañó, brothers and souls of  Castillo de Canena, inherited the lands from their father Don Luis,

and relieved him in the business focusing on two main objectives:

– Become Leaders in high-end AOVE products & focus on the International market

Castillo de Canena Interior

Castillo de Canena olive groves and The Castle are located in the Alto Guadalquivir Valley, in Jaén.

Jaén, in the south of Spain, is the world’s leading olive-growing region, with 2000 hectares of olive trees. 

Castillo de Canena takes the name of the fortress that presides over the town of Canena, Jaén.

The Castle, owned by the family, has a long historical tradition and was declared as National Monument in 1931.

Castillo de Canena Interior

Spain is the country with the highest olive oil production in the world, with more than 2000 varietals

Castillo de Canena products are sold at more than 52 countries and exports 75% of its total production

We invited Isabel Alameda Olivares, International Area Manager of Castillo de Canena, to interview Rosa Vañó, the company’s CEO,

about the origins of the company, the magic of a dream come true and their hopes and wishes for the future.

Enjoy the result of their delightful conversation, almost as delicious as their state-of-the-art Virgin Olive Oil:


The Castillo de Canena estate, where it grows its olive groves, is nestled in the municipality of Úbeda in Jaén, bordering the Sierra de Cazorla mountain range in the heart of the upper Guadalquivir Valley.

The estate’s Picual, Arbequina and Royal olive varieties, along with new crops of Pico Limón, Zarza, Taggiasca, Don Carlo, Souriani and Zaity, are grown in semi-intensive and traditional olive groves on slightly hilly, clay-loam soils, with a gentle terrain and an average altitude of 500 metres above sea level.

The groves are fully irrigated, creating a natural ecosystem where cultivation is based on a deep respect for the environment and for nature.

Modern precision agriculture and the most advanced systems for measuring the different phenological factors of the trees, —which makes it possible to thoroughly monitor the evolution of the different groves—, are combined with the maintenance of grass cover, the creation of compost, landscape restoration, the reintroduction of endangered species and the complete elimination of all types of pesticides.

With an olive-growing tradition that dates back to the late 18th century, it was in 2003 when the Vañó family, owners of the beautiful Renaissance castle that gives its name to the company, decided to create its own brand focused exclusively on producing and marketing premium EVOOs.

By monitoring the growth of the olive trees and the evolution of the fruit, they select the best groves on their estate, harvesting the olives at just the right time and then transporting the harvest in small crates to the estate’s own oil mill, its process and products certified by numerous external quality control authorities.

There they are milled using state-of-the-art machinery, which is constantly updated, respecting the cold chain throughout the process and producing premium quality EVOOs consistently year after year. Intense fruity oils, powerful personality, harmonious and balanced.

Ongoing innovation, a trademark of Castillo de Canena‘s throughout its history, has not only been reflected in farming and in its thoroughly modernised industrial processes, but has also been reflected in the search for new, original and unexpected products that are based on EVOOs and expanding their consumption opportunities by offering a wide range of uses and culinary applications.

The company has experienced enormous international growth and is now available in over 50 markets around the world. It was one of the first companies in its sector to have its Corporate Social Responsibility policies audited through certification to the FORÉTICA-regulated SGE-21 standard.

Castillo de Canena 1st. Day of Havest - 17th. Limited Edition


«First Day of Harvest»

17th Limited Edition


Castillo de Canena’s Iconic 17th Limited Edition of its exclusive First Day of Harvest Collection


On its journey towards excellence and as a benchmark family company in haute cuisine on account of its production of the finest olive oils in the world, Castillo de Canena launches its seventeenth Limited Edition of First Day of Harvest.

As it is customary in each edition, every year Castillo de Canena welcomes the collaboration of an ‘olive-oil-loving’ figure from culture, the arts, sports, communications or science to endorse the First day of Harvest.  On this occasion, the singer, composer and music producer Juan Luis Guerra champions the First Day of Harvest 17th Limited Edition.


A pioneer within its own category, First Day of Harvest continues to stand out among premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils through its careful production process and the intensity and complexity of its olive juices sensorial nuances. This year’s iconic bottles are dressed with the outstanding «Bachata Rosa» label, evoking the exuberant floral abundance of a rose garden.

“Working with an international artist of such renown as Juan Luis Guerra, a great lover of Spanish gastronomy, our country, and our extra virgin olive oils, has been an amazing experience. He’s left the imprint of his elegant and unmistakable style on one of the most beautiful and evocative labels in the 17 years of First Day of Harvest,” highlights Rosa Vañó. 

«Castillo de Canena’’s ongoing investment in RDI and the firm commitment of our teams have enabled us to deliver, onceagain, up to our standards of excellence and the supreme quality of our oils”, says Francisco Vañó, CEO of Castillo de Canena.

Vañó also explains how the olives used to create the First Day of the Arbequina Harvest come from Pago de los Girasoles, while those from the First Day of the Picual Harvest originate from Pago de la Cañada. “Both estates sit at an altitude of more than 450 metres above sea level, and have a loam-clay-silt soil structure with a significant organic material content,” he highlights.

“I’m especially pleased with our extra virgin olive oils from this harvest. I believe they contain a diversity of special fragrances and flavours  which will represent a wide-ranging experience for gastronomy lovers,” explains also Rosa Vañó.

The seventeenth edition of Castillo de Canena’s First Day of Harvest will take in 50 countries, primarily in Europe, the USA, Latin America, and Australia, consolidating it once again as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, that has gained unwavering recognition since its inception. 

Castillo de Canena
Castillo de Canena Collection

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