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Bodega La Mezquita Fundador

B O D E G A S   F U N D A D O R

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Founded in 1730, Bodegas Fundador it is the oldest winery in Jerez, one of the oldest in Spain and the creator of the first Spanish brandy in the 19th century: Fundador.

Located in the south of Spain and dedicated to the production of Jerez wines and brandies, Bodegas Fundador is currently one of the most outstanding and modern companies in the sector, being one of the few that maintains a completely vertical production that includes everything from the production of grapes, wine, distillation, aging, bottling and dispatch of its products to the five continents.

Its brands include Brandy Fundador, the first Spanish brandy and the best-selling internationally; Harveys is the best-selling Sherry Wine in the world and the only Spanish product that supplies the British Royal House, in addition to other prestigious brands of brandy and wine such as Terry, Tres Cepas, Garvey and Soto.

Some of its products have obtained recognition in recent years in prestigious international competitions, highlighting the award for the Best Wine in the World for its Harveys VORS Amontillado 30YO in 2016 and the award for the Best Brandy in the World for the Prestige Brandy Fundador Supremo 18YO at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Bodegas Fundador is part of the multinational Emperador Distillers (Filipino group, largest brandy producer in the world) and is the compendium of three winery brands founded in the Jerez area between 1730 and 1865. They represent the oldest wineries in the sector with important historical milestones.


Bodegas Fundador Wineries
Bodega Fundador El Molino

 T H E   S H E R R Y   C A S K   C O L L E C T I O N

«Fundador Supremo» is a product made by hand under a manufacturing process with centuries of history and tradition, but also at the forefront of innovation to adapt to new times, new markets and satisfy the needs of the most demanding palates.

Behind each expression there are raw materials of the highest quality collected in strategic geographical areas of Jerez and aged following a meticulous aging process in certified «Sherry Cask» barrels under strict safety controls and in the best ventilation and aging conditions

The Fundador Supremo range is a unique creation because the Solera Gran Reserva Brandy has aged for at least 3 years in sherry casks that had contained 12-year-old Pedro Ximenez, 15-year-old Amontillado and 18-year-old Oloroso.

The three expressions in this range are known as «The Sherry Cask Collection» This collection reveals the depth of the most luxurious flavors, contributed by time in the wood.

The Sherry Casks are their own hundred-year-old barrels that they naturally have at their disposal, being very respectful of the elaboration protocol, a process certified by the Regulatory Council, the body in charge of ensuring compliance with the Regulation of the Specific Designation of «Brandy de Jerez».

Bodega Fundador Sherry Cask
Antonio Florido, Master Blender Bodegas Fundador


 A N T O N I O   F L O R I D O

 T H E   M A S T E R   B L E N D E R

Antonio Florido,  has a degree in Chemistry and Oenology, has more than fifteen years of experience at Bodegas Fundador and is responsible for caring for and pampering all the processes from the vineyard to the wineries that make brandies and wines. home

Antonio Florido is responsible for achieving these special brandies with such high quality, applying new techniques without neglecting the tradition, origin and history of the brands.

He affirms that he is in love with Jerez brandies, and frames them as a unique and incomparable product. Its nobility, its harmony, its elegance, its frankness, its versatility and its explosion of nuances, can justify why Brandies de Jerez are so special.

Three differentiating aspects stand out in the Brandy Fundador: The singularity of our aging cellars, the authentic cathedrals of brandy, the benefits that our traditional system of criaderas and soleras confer to brandy and the use of casks previously wrapped with the best Sherry wines » sherry casks” makes our brandies age harmoniously with subtle wine contributions that make them completely unique.



Castillo de Marchanudo Bodega Fundador
Antonio Florido, Master Blender Bodegas Fundador

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