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Who is NastaONE

NastaONE is an international press and communications agency based in Madrid, Spain, specialized in showcasing, at worldwide level, Spain’s competitive advantages from a business and economic perspective.

The impulse, promotion and projection of Spain's image abroad is conducted by special reports published in the world’s foremost economic newspapers and magazines specialized in business, financial, professional and cultural information.

The most important added value of NastaONE reports is that they collect and expose, directly and in first person, the views, opinions, thoughts and main objectives and goals of the first executives of the leading global Spanish companies, leading brands of Spain of recognized prestige at international level.

Our reports provide an answer to a basic fact, which is that the strengths of Spain from the economic and business standpoint are still not well known enough internationally, since in many countries the image and perception of Spain is still too tied to topics that are too limited to football, flamenco, sunshine and beaches, etc.

Spain can be said to have opened its arms to the world in 1986, when it was accepted as a full member of the European Union. Today, Spanish exports are largely in sectors where products incorporate technology, such as vehicles and vehicle components, industrial equipment, steel products, chemical products, machine tools, construction equipment and material, electronics and IT, software and hardware.

Spain is the largest investor in Latin American and Spanish companies boast world leadership in areas such as infrastructure, renewable energy, water management, consumer goods, medical technology, the garment sector and of course tourism, sector in which Spain is the world’s second superpower, only after France.

For example, 3 out of 5 aircrafts travelling the World have incorporated a Spanish system of air traffic control, 6 of the top first 10 companies in the ranking of world's infrastructure companies are Spanish, Spain is the third most important country in the world in wind installed power, the second in solar energy, and is among the top four countries worldwide in the management, treatment and water desalination.

And from a tourism perspective, Spain is much more than sun and beaches: it is a mosaic of diversity that offers an unlimited world of possibilities able to satisfy the tastes and needs of discerning holidaymakers.

Spain also boasts a privileged geo-strategic location as a natural point of access to markets in Europe, Latin America, Mediterranean and North Africa, which can be used as a significant competitive advantage for foreign companies and multinationals wishing to make of Spain is operation base to access those markets.

Through efficient and effective reports based on the principles and values of constructive journalism, NastaONE shows the world what Spain has to offer, and does so through the vision and the statements of the main protagonists of the Spanish economy and business scene, contributing actively to maximize the global position of our interviewees.

Our path is aimed at creating and consolidating a two-way exchange of knowledge and business opportunities, from Spain to the world and vice-versa, resulting as an authoritative and valuable point of reference in the world of economics and finance.

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NastaONE enjoys more than seven years of experience producing and publishing useful, comprehensive and attractive reports, used as an important tool for international communication and corporate image building for both the institutions and the Spanish companies featured.

Our reports serve as platforms on which true Spanish leaders can communicate with their own voice their differential competitive advantages and main objectives both in terms of business and investments.

Our expertise in the Spanish market has become a company closely linked to both the Spanish private sector as a Spanish official institutions working to promote Spain's projection beyond our borders.

A permanent economic presence also means a permanent projection of image. Spain is now the sixth-ranking global investor. Spanish foreign investments are on the rise and flow to all six continents, although Latin America is the most important destination.

Through its publications, NastaONE has become an irreplaceable voice for Spanish companies and institutions that want to expose their image in the business and financial scene, at a worldwide level.

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