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1.- Terms of Use

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2.- Privacy Policy

At NastaONE we respect your right to privacy. For this reason, we don´t get any imformation that you don´t provide throught contact systems. The website users don´t need to give any personal information to visit .

NastaONE will use the information provided for users to communicate with our users and customers, NastaONE does not share, offer or allow the selling of any user-provided information to third parties.

When a user elects to use our “Tell A Friend” system for forwarding a NastaONE e-mail to their friend or informing a friend about our website, we ask them for the friend’s name and e-mail address. NastaONE will automatically send the friend the specified e-mail or the specified website information. NastaONE will not get any information or contact them in the future.


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