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Founded in Barcelona (Spain) back in 2003, NastaONE is currently a prominent Global Inspector International Communications Agency, with switching offices between Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.

We observe, research and investigate for the most potentially interesting spots on Earth, ir order to bring them to you as extensive State-of-the-Art Special Reports about the best tourism and investment destinations in the world.

We operate in some of the most strategically powerful markets in the world, with the highest potential for investments and tourism: Russia, China and the EU-Mediterranean, publishing our craft in the most prestigious economic newspapers and travel magazines in the world.

Our aim is to bring you closer the most amazing spots on Earth both from a tourism and economic perspective, to introduce you in depth to new business Landscapes in a way you have never seen them before).

Beautiful and Smart equally, our featured destinations promise to let you in their most hidden magic secrets, as to show you the keys to enter their magnificent possibilities as the most fruitful and successful investments and most wonderful and unforgettable business or pleasure trips.

We chase Dreams and bring them into Reality.

We make of Your reality a Dream come true.

NastaONE Reports: 

National Geographic Magazine China       

Discovery Magazine Russia     


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